HEAD| Fiore Beauty Head Icon SKIN FAIR
EYES| Fiore Beauty Head Icon – Eyes SKIN FAIR
GENETICS| Fiore Beauty Body Moles – Lightly Sprinkled – Tone 4 SKIN FAIR
MAKEUP| Fiore Beauty Bianca Eyeshadow – Tone 1 / Black SKIN FAIR
HAIRBASE| Fiore Beauty Heads Slick N’ High Hairbase – Peach SKIN FAIR
SKIN| Fiore Beauty Donna Skin – Peach / Legacy (NoBrow) SKIN FAIR
EYEBROWS| Fiore Beauty Bianca Eyebrows – Peach / Black SKIN FAIR

HAIR| Fiore High Expectations Pony (back)
PANTIES| Supernatural Kessy Panties [Legacy] Gold
TOP| Vonfyrsten 297 Bonnie top LATEX,LEGA Perky
BODY| Legacy

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