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January 15th and will end on the month
DancerJewels & Accessories
 by !dM deviousMind
 This is our Gacha release for The Secret Affair in January 2015 for “Untamed Purity” round. Whereas ‘purity’ during this time of year triggers thoughts of freshly fallen snow, for us, it rather inspires the dancing of snowflakes in the wind.. and along with that the purity of dance itself, when nothing else matters in the moment.

So there comes the creative transition to “Mata Hari”. Many myths were woven around the exotic dancer who named herself “Mata Hari”, one of the most famous dancers of the 20s who contributed majorly in the development of modern dance and brought the fantasy of a land far away to the European metropols. Her life took several turns in the course of WW1, eventually, leading to her death as she was rumored to be a spy. The full truth will just not be known anymore, but her influence most certainly stayed.

This gacha includes 6 different sets of chain and jewel ornaments for the promiscuous dancer inside you, different styles of jewel chokers and necklaces, exotic head dresses and elegant flower bands, chain strings, bejeweled modesty cover, pasties, and rather avant garde chest laces to win you all the looks. All items come with color change menu for 9 colors.


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