Shi @ The Secret Affair

Shi @ The Secret Affair 

 1. Raven Hair [Un-rigged Mesh]

A unisex hair with leather straps trimming along the hair parting towards the back and around the low knot with wispy hairs along the sides.

This includes a carabiner hair accessory that can be worn separately for better adjustments.

Available / Includes :
– 5 sets of 4 color shades each (Apart from Set 6 which has 9!)

– Mono, Browns, Red, Blonde & Cotton candy colors (set 6)

– Texture change via HuD

– Resize + Stretch scripts via click

2. Redefine Mask [Rigged Mesh]

A unisex rigged mask designed intentionally with “peel” holes to re-define and enhance your styling needs for fashion/ role-play / Photography

Available / Includes :

– 6 texture change via HuD
– 3 sizes for best fit
– 3 versions of alpha

(**Make up by Nuuna**)


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